VIDEO: Disc-shaped object over Ontario, Canada 14-Apr-2015

canada ufo

New video of some kind of a brigh flying saucer flying over the sky above Scarborough in Ontario, Canada. This was seen and recorded on 14th April 2015.

Witness report: I was coming home from dinner at around
820 pm yesterday April 14th 2015 When i saw a bright red light in the sky thinking nothing of it. As I walked towards my door
the light became brighter and dropped down very close to the horizon very quickly and changed from a light aqua blue to white to red all while standing still and then darting from left to right. I called my mom to come see and she told me to pull out my camera since it was still twilight I was able to capture our sigthing. The ufo continued to descend into an area of houses and floated around and seemed to have gone lower into the trees where we couldn’t see it anymore so I stopped taping and we went inside. After that I took my dogs for a walk behind my condo where I usually take them which is the elementary school playing field. I was afraid to walk further south since that’s where I saw the ufo. But i continued my walk and observed the sky and started seeing one Ufo very far into the sky leaving a trail then more appeared about 4 or 5. One coming very low close enough for me to be able to tell it definitely was not an airplane. It was your typical saucer shaped disc with lights all around the sides flashing in pattern with some lights shining brighter than others.
i was afraid because the more i looked the more seemed to fill the sky so I began to walk back home i was very very afraid at this point. I did want to video tape what i was seeing but my phone camera isn’t good for night shots and of course I was too terrified to even think. As I hurried home i kept looking back to see if they were coming closer but as I watched they started fading and disappearing higher into the sky and i got home pretty shaken up.
I’m very confused and I’d like to know what I saw. I have encountered many ships before but never this close and never on camera. And also the phone I used to capture the video is a Samsung S5. Thank you very much.

Source: mufon

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  1. I have enhanced de image over horizon and found very interesting things , please send me a mail and I send you. Is the third time I find this kind of objectm the first was in a capture of ISS cam when it aproaches and separate in 2 secondas.

    • HI, I would be very greatfull if you could send me what ever info you have am also investigating ufos.


  2. a genuine sighting well done ontario more proof of alien lifeform & craft we get them in scotland too lots of ufo activity over here.

  3. That appears to be one of those remote controlled flying disc toys. Some do have lights & can change direction fairy quickly. The fact that it went down behind some trees adds more truth to the video.

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