Roswell UFO Crash Slides Finally Here UPDATE

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Original article date: 7th May 2015

ET enthusiasts have long been preparing for the big revelation of the controversial Roswell Slides for the first time.

The highly-contested photographs were allegedly snapped by geologist Bernard A. Ray on a Kodachrome film, which prove the remains of an extraterrestrial recovered dead in New Mexico.

Despite dozens of testimonies from locals and experts, the incident has been generally considered fake. UFO investigator Anthony Bragalia has been making a tremendous effort to find evidence of the authenticity of the incident for many years.

Bragalia claims the creature in the slides isn’t a terrestrial being. On his blog, he revealed that professionals from different disciplines who examined the slides closely agree seeing a small humanoid creature and formerly a living thing that isn’t a prop or genetically defective human.

Bragalia explained that the humanoid wasn’t a deformed person, dummy, mummy, simian or dead serviceman. He added that what is shown in the slides is an actual moment in time in 1947. He said science admitted that there are real slides from that year.

Jaime Maussan alienChase Brandon, a CIA agent for 35 years, believes the evidence revealed on May 5 is worth it. Brandon said that he first saw the slides in a vaulted area, particularly in a box labelled as Roswell.

The so-called Roswell Slides were publicly released at an exclusive live-streamed event in National Auditorium of Mexico City, showing an apparent ET body recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Popular Mexican television program Tercer Milenio (with Jaime Maussan) organized the event that attracted world attention.

The slides show an alien-looking body lying horizontally on a glass shelf. The alleged ET body is approximately 4 feet tall, with large eyes, small mouth, enlarged skull, thin arms, legs and torsos. The pictures seem to suggest that they were taken after an autopsy since the internal organs have been removed.

Several medical and photographic experts were present at the event, including former Canadian forensic and academic pathology consultant of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Dr. Richard Doble. He said the photo seems to show a deformed human at first glance but after a closer examination he clearly saw that it has only four pairs of ribs instead of 12 in a normal human being. He added that the hands and feet bone structures were very different to a human.

Photographic and medical experts are convinced that the photos are genuine. The list of experts was presented at the Mexico City event and it included photographic analysis expert Dr. David Rudiak, computer enhancement specialist Dr. Donald Burleson, material expert of the Studio MacBeth Ray Dowing, Col. Jeffrey Tau of Pentagon’s Photo Interpretation Department, and former Director of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography Prof. Rod Slemmons.


Alien Roswell Slides:

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19th May 2015 UPDATE:

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  1. Maussan..Maussan..again..everytime the same story, let’s add this to the collection of your inventions..well, by the way, Bragaglia, u should look at the mommy of kids in museums in Rome..just the same, and dear expert Rudiak, I saw u looking at the slides using a loupe UPSIDE DOWN..a bit unbelievable for a photographic expert..ok, that’s all funny, if not sad. When those people will quit discrediting the serious researchers that are around, and play with naive people ? money it’s the answer sure

      • Hi Janet, thanks. Many years u on this forum, I know u r from Canada. People reading it it’s a motivation, ‘cos it takes lot of my energy and in a certain way courage to face certain kind of memories, but at the end it’s a pain relief for me. I know u can read between the lines. Cheers. M.

        • no i haven’t been here this long, but i am pleased to read your blog. i will look at it tonight. i’m only here because i have seen 4 ufos in my life and because of that, i know life exists elsewhere.

          • thanks so much Janet, look, I’ll try write more this coming week. Cannot do it in a scheduled basis unfortunately, and I apology for my English.. If people like you will leave an email address on it, they will be noticed about the new posts. It’s the best way ‘cos it will motivate me. And, yes, be sure they are around, they like Canada for the empty spaces and the oceans nearby I guess. Cheers

  2. I just want to know one thing……..Why wont the government just come out and say what it is and who these entities are? My dad seems to think it will cause world wide panic but I dont think so because so many people just laugh it off and noone would believe anyway even if an alien popped up on tv and said this is our agenda.The government knows and I would love to crack the case and put an end to it.

  3. If Jamie Husan is associated with this, there is no way I will believe any part of this. It even looks fake. Terrible let down.

    • Hi Joeboken, u right..LOL ! look, u are one the people here on this forum that had being making clever posts since years, and I’d like if u give a look at my novel, at, frankly I need smart opinions about that, if people like it or not, since I don’t know if to go on writing or quit it. Thanks Maurice

  4. It just doesn’t look right. They report that he body is 4′ tall or 48″. Using that as a scale makes the shelf standard over 2″ wide and paper 15 inches long. It doesn’t make sense, I’ve never seen a glass shelf standard that wide.
    If you recalculate on the basis of the shelf standard being about 1″, then the paper would be about 6″ wide and the body about 18 inches long. That seems much more likely.

  5. I have a feeling that all you critics would insist to your psychiatrists that it was all a dream even if you were abducted. In the next 10 years we will discover life in our own solar system not on earth. That discovery will give credence to extra-terrestrial life. The fundamental truth is that et’s have been clandestinely monitoring us for eons. Will they come down and shake our hands? Probably not when we would rather shoot first and ask questions later. Would you approach an et like that? Seriously, would you? That would be like walking thru a pride of Lions. And especially not if I’m four feet tall and built like a big headed baby. Think about it.

    • It will take more then ten years. Disclosure is a very big word, bigger of what people think, and still a very personal uneasy matter.

  6. Man ! Is there some room in that Head for Brains!! They should Share some of it with the Present World leaders !!


    SORRY YOU GUYS BUT YOU’RE SO ANTI THAT YOU CANT SEE STRAIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • George, why screaming ? even if u scream, facts don’t change. Kids scream to get attention, adults let listened to by logic and awareness. I’m 60, and I learned that, and yes I agree, sun is still rising its way every day and I my brain doesn’t need glasses. This is a tiny, really tiny, body in a small museum room as there are many such kids mummified bodies in Europe, even the hole in the chest, the same, they used to extract the organs. I perfectly know what I’m talking about. Maussan is very well known for his funny fakes, since years, I mean years, and the experts aren’t acting as experts really. Just that’s the reality. Try be objective and you’ll find no need for screaming, u might give a more useful contribute to the discussion that way, that’s my kind suggestion. We all believe in extraterrestrial presence, some of us had very personal truly shocking relations with that, which made us aware of the unthinkable, we do believe in cover ups now, but sorry, not all of us are dummy naive who believe in anything just to have something to believe in. Regards, M.

  8. Great Presentation!
    My only question, is to all the skeptics, how did they (Army Air-corp), come up with these,’ beings’, so quickly, and to create them the way they did, so realistic, within 72 hours…no not back then, but in today’s world it’d be much easier, with all the makeup artists, and special effects in Hollywood and elsewhere. Ask me, Army Air-corp too much time spent in picking, and cleaning up their, ‘alleged’, ‘Project Mogul’, we know who the dummies were.??

  9. Why manipulate/erase the text on the place card?
    The original low res picture with “readable” text:

  10. Isn’t this guy using his magnifier upside down ? Isn’t this a tourist behind the glass shelves ? Do labs store the bodies on exhibition shelves ?

  11. This so much looks like a young child. I just can’t believe they would just have an alien entity out in the open and not in a sealed unit in case it was carrying viruses or bacteria’s not native to earth. But we are talking 1947 and they let soldiers back then stand and observe nuclear explosions wearing just goggles. So I guess they did not worry about the consequences of having him or her since no genitalia is visible laying out on a shelf. Since this was glass 1/3 to 1/4 inch thick the alien must have not weighed much at all. I just wonder why a shelf on the other side of the unit which is holding a type of head is next to him. It looks animal like. Did they bring pets. Also, the person in the photo seems more interested in the head than the alien.

  12. Pretty sure that type of glass slab didn’t exist in 1947; besides, you don’t use glass slabs to do autopsies.

  13. all the specialists repetitive conclusion is that creature is a reptile / reptilian due to the black dotted marks on the creature and different other features..

  14. Doesn’t anyone on this website ever check other sources?
    This has recently been admitted as a fake and apologies given to the mother of the ‘Alien” baby used!!!!!

  15. It looks like it’s been dead awhile with the ribs sticking out of it, Not so great looking for a fresh body.

  16. The other day I was quite amazed to be able to see in History TV channel
    What really happened with Roswell UFO crash.
    There was on alian alive and the had him alive in Area 51 until 1950 who pasted away for unknown reasons. He said they where coming to Earth just for peaseful purposes to investigate and they have done it for many years. His name was Jay Rod. I wonder why they kept this in secret for so many yeares and they still do not acept it? It would be great to be able to contact this beings and aske them how is their planet and their cibilization and have a friendship. Perhaps with the time we could visit their planet. I am of the opinion that all the world should desclasify all this marvellous thing of the Univers. Perhaps in a future the Alians they decide to contact us directly.

  17. I can’t beleive that there’s still people that haven’t seen a ufo they are everywhere all they have to do is look up day or night. I saw a huge round silver saucer in Mexico 25 years ago. In California I’ve been seeing them all the time since I was 12 for the mindless skeptics I have two videos posted on my FB page this was in Lake Elsinore Ca they come in and out of the lake the ones I cought on video where hovering over the lake… My pg.

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