Alien Spacecraft Sighting: Florida Witness Described Gray Rectangle Hovering

UFO Sighting

The Sebring is a city in Florida with a population of 10,491. It is a peaceful town, but not an exception to the rule when it comes to strange sightings. At Palm Harbor; a Florida witness reported watching a rectangle-shaped strange object hovering in the sky. The occurrence is based on the testimony in Case 63122 from the Mutual UFO Network. When the object first came, the witness was lying in bed while looking out a window. At first, the witness failed to recognize the odd object claiming that it took a few minutes to process the mind. Afterwards, it was clearly seen as a gray, flat and rectangular-shaped object hovering gracefully in the sky. As the witness stared at the object, it finally moved into a better position favourable for viewing.

As the viewer changed its position to compare the object, it started disappearing. The object appeared like a cloud, or maybe a glint of light through a window. As the object is seen clearly from the open window, the object was still present. Therefore, it is not a glint of light. The edges of the object were straight and sharp. Furthermore, the rectangle was constantly hovering as if they were a levitating book. The witness alerted friends about the sighting and returned to view it. A few minutes later, however, when the witness looked at it, the odd object was covered in shadows.

Prior that night, many people across the county had seen three yellow/orange lights hovering in the sky around ten o clock. The witness’ dad explained it as flares, which is a gadget used by the military – he may be right or not. The witness heard that, on the same night, people across the country were seeing military flares hovering in the sky. Please remember that each sighting may be natural or man-made.

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  1. This was also viewed in Sarasota last year. It appeared to be over or near the Sarasota airport while driving east from the island. The guess was 4? football fields and it seemed reflective, like a hologram or something, and it floated like a feather and it was gone quickly, through the task of driving. We never reported it, but speak of it often.

  2. When reading the Alian rectangular spacecraf in Florida it is just amazing
    because the day before yesterday I was looking at the sky and I saw 2 rectangular light metalic color crafts that they where not helicopters neither planes. They were very silence and not going too high. Unfortunatelly I did not had my Mobile phone or (Cellular phone as you call it in the States) to be able to try to make a picture. It was about 5:00 p.m. Spanish time.
    From time to time I have seen other things but much more higher and smaller
    going very fast at night from my terrace but dificult to identify.
    Hope I could be of any help and if someone can let me know what you think all these can be?
    Thanks and regards,

  3. I know UFO’s exist. I, with another person, also had an encounter in Florida back in 1976. We were on the Miami toll road coming from Tennessee about 3 am. It was to the right side of the road hovering silently low and just above the power lines. It was huge and completely still in the air except for a revolving band in center (it was saucer shaped) with what appeared to be colored lit windows. My boss stopped the car. The next thing I can recall is leaving the craft in an argument with my boss. He was saying How could I communicate with “those things” and accusing me of being the reason they took us. (I am a natural telepath and they communicated through telepathy) We were missing 2 hours of time. Back in the car I shouted to get away from there. I later found a wound on my leg I couldn’t recall getting. During the past 10 years I discovered I have a tracking device in my leg. I have had several encounters since that I have some but not all memory of. I never reported it, because most people ridicule me. I had one encounter while living in the Mariana islands around 5 years ago that was witnessed by our farm worker, and 2 fishermen. I was awakened by the tracking device and heard a humming sound on or above my roof, I also heard an eerie vibrational music outside my window. My worker, asleep in the other room, described hearing the craft and musical sound. But he said he was afraid to go outside to investigate. I would like to be hypnotized to learn more. I’m not afraid of them, in fact they helped me when I was stranded at my beach house.

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