A Mothership was captured in Houston

Houston UFO

This sighting of a bright object surrounded by a smaller ones was recorded over Pricetone in Texas. This happened on 15th March 2015 at 2:30 pm.

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  1. Filmed in Houston, near NASA facilities and no authority with all the sophisticated astronomical gear, caught sight of it, only an unknown citizen. Was this written by DUMMIES and for DUMMIES? Or do the DUMMIES believe that we are really DUMMIES and continue to treat us that way. Why did Barak Obama declare that he can`t declare anything on the topic. Is the world population being treated as a planet of apes?

    • i have an answer for that. sometimes when a person sees a ufo, it is meant to be seen ONLY by them. this is actually pretty common. it could be an answer for your query.

  2. But who in the name of Earth finds any reason to call anything a mothership, that’s rediculous,,,, and it’s probably manmade

  3. Who’s to say the military was not aware? Do you think THEY are going to admit anything? By now we know THEY are NOT TALKING! And yes, I have seen, and I believe UFO’s have power to hide or reveal themselves at will.

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