Watch – Three UFOs Flying Over the Moon


Several UFOs captured on high definition digital camera passing the lunar surface, cameraman claims. In a series of videos posted on YouTube, black objects are apparently moving near the Moon, including one object that looks to be powered by the rocket jets.

The cameraman named Crow777 claims he never post any hoax video and says he only manipulates colour, contrast, and zoom to point further the anomalies he caught on camera rather than misleads the viewers.

He states in the video description that he’s not saying he captured an alien, but a ship that’s controlled intelligently.

The cameraman rules out objects being satellites orbiting Earth in these three clips because of the length of time he took the video while they were passing the lunar surface – lasted for up to a minute in one case.

He concludes that they are very close to the Moon for them to be satellites orbiting Earth, which would only need two to three seconds to pass the Moon because of their distance from it.
On his channel, the cameraman said that everything in the video is in high definition, and some are captured using an eight-inch telescope. He claimed to have shot UFOs, lunar UFOs, the Moon, and space anomalies.

He makes a pledge to his channel’s subscribers never to edit the clips to make them deceptive. He says that what viewers see is what he observes through his camera and telescope.

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  1. well no doubt it is a saucer- and VERY LARGE. very apparent aliens have taken quite an interest in earth..even more so in the last 20-30 yrs.

  2. On the evening of Wednesday August 26th roughly around 8:45pm to 9:45pm pst,I decided to take multiple pictures of the moon using my telescope and the camera on my phone,upon reviewing the pictures one inpiticular stood out,a dark object is in clear view,when I zoom in it becomes cube like with a hint of terquoise blue at what appears to me looks like the base,dark object appears in the one photo of the multiple pictures taken.this my first time taking pictures in this manner I’m totally green when it comes to astronomy/photography also anything to do with photoshopping,just trying to get a professional opinion on the matter

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