Unidentified flying object slowly flying above Melbourne, Australia 1-Feb-2016


Here’s one new interesting 2016 UFO sighting of a huge craft slowly flying across the night sky above Narre Warren, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. This was filmed this Monday.

Witness report: This is not a plane. There was no noise after this passed over unlike planes that have a sound after they pass. This came from Berwick direction at approx. 10:15pm 1/2/2016. 

Author (Brian Paton @ Youtube)

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  1. Yes, the second shot is obviously a plane. First one more impressionable.Good attempt though. Maybe you should try a lantern next time or tossing a button into the sky. These are all good methods of fooling the masses and keeping them dumbed down. AHHH the enjoyment of watching the naive work.

  2. The image in the left lower section of the video may be an aircraft flying closer and at a lower altitude. Nevertheless the witness account makes it clear there was no noise.

    The trace later in the recording seems to be an aircraft tracking O/H and for some reasons accelerates rapidly in climb, albeit pretty eratically!

    Is there an Airport from that direction?

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