Palpa Lines: Are They Created Before Nazca Lines For Years?

Palpa Lines

One of the many reasons why some people believe in aliens and some extraterrestrial creatures is the existence of mysterious objects or works of art that appeared centuries ago. According to them, these works were naturally made, as opposed to man-made which can easily be debunked. According to recent studies of archaeological, the first Nazca lines drawings were created in the Valleys of the Rio Grande and Palpa. It was 3000 years ago that our ancestors utilized the flat surface of the mountains. Of course, they also used slopes of the hills just to create high and human representations and geometric figures. Today, archaeologist believes that the data were set up to please ancient gods, who allegedly were supposed to control the forces of nature, such as the floods, drought, and earthquake. Today, visitors may observe all these wonderful features of the past, soaring over the zone on small aircraft, specially built for excellent comfort and huge panoramic windows to take great pictures.

Though not as famous as the Geoglyphs and Nazca Lines, those at Palpa are equally intriguing because they were just recently contended of being the earlier lines existed in this world. Made by the Paracas culture possibly thousand years ahead of the Nazca Lines, there are more than 1600 Geoglyphs and Palpa Lines. No one knows what Nazca lines are. The only debatable fact is that they can be found in South America, specifically at the plateau of the Nazca Desert in the Peru’s southern part. Scattered across the plateau, these lines are massive geoglyphs portraying nature and geometrical objects. They have been carved about 40-50 cm deep and 135 cm wide on the ground. The existence of Palpa lines was believed to be associated with the presence of extraterrestrial beings. At the point of dimensional arguments, the contentions were still hypothetical because there was never a conclusion that came as a final answer.

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  1. Sincerely, I do not think the aliens may need such lines/ornaments/drawings, landing signs or runways. The UFOs we constantly hear about, have anti-gravity propulsion system and apparently do not need airfields and runways of ‘our’ type.

  2. These images were obviously created to be seen from the air, who for, maybe to please their God’s or were they to attract ET’s and to welcome them ?!!

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