Paradigm Research Group Wants A Different Form Of Disclosure


It has been reported many times that Hillary Clinton will dig deeper into the UFO issues once she becomes the next U.S. president. UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists have been claiming that several governments have evidence of extraterrestrial visitations, but keeping it secret to the public because of fear of potential impacts on the rule of law and religion. Bill and Hillary have long intrigued the disclosure movement after making moves in the 1990s related to the disclosure.

Things got more interested when Mrs Clinton promised to look into the alleged alien technology that has been hidden at Area 51 in Nevada. She said: “I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” Temperatures raised another level earlier in March when Hillary’s most trusted advisor John Podesta reaffirmed commitment to declassify top-secret UFO files.

However, Paradigm Research Group would rather want a different form of disclosure from Hillary’s camp. The group is not only interested in alien visitation, but also on claims about aliens secretly engage with world leaders. The research organization wants to lift the truth embargo, which it says has been in force since the 1940s. The controversy stems from Clintons’ dealings with friend Laurence Rockefeller, the late billionaire philanthropist.

Rockefeller made a fortune through oil and banking and was part of the family considered as one of the most influential in U.S. history. In 1993, the business person started an approach to the disclosure, including CIA classified files, in what became the Rockefeller initiative. Rockefeller advocated a review of the legendary Roswell case with the help of then director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and advisor to the president, late Dr John “Jack” Gibbons.

However, the Roswell review initiated by Rockefeller concluded there was no alien involvement and the event mainly involved a balloon, but not a weather balloon, as first reported, but a top-secret nuclear-detection balloon being tested at the time. The US Air Force said that the weather balloon explanation was provided at the time for national security reasons. The UFO community labeled the report a whitewash for not explaining any of the testimony from the witnesses.

Aside from Roswell, Rockefeller had planned to write a direct open letter to then President Bill Clinton along with a threat of taking out adverts in the press. Rockefeller wanted a full disclosure and an amnesty for all witnesses to come forward and avoid prosecution. Dr Gibbons reportedly prevented Rockefeller from doing it. However, the threat somehow carries some weight as Rockefeller secured the ears of Mr and Mrs Clinton at his ranch.

During the seven-day vacation of the Clinton family in August 1995 at the Rockefeller Teton Ranch, the 85-year-old billionaire privately talked the First Lady and the President of UFOs and his hopes. No one knows what was said exactly, but Mr Clinton was carrying a review of how the government handled confidential material at that time. Later that day, Mrs Clinton was photographed walking through the ranch in conversation with Rockefeller, carrying a copy of a Paul Davies book “Are We Alone: Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extra-terrestrial Life.” (Amazon link) However, until today, no member of the Clinton team ever say a word about it publicly.

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  1. Research tells me that whoever the President is, they will not be able to get far, as they have “no need to know.” AFAIC, the Bilderberger Group has to be forgiven and their empire of greed eliminated. Much is being done to that end. Everyone who wants peace etc would be wise to practice forgiveness as it is ourselves who ultimately will be forgiven. Practice non-judgement and let fear subside. Be unconditionally giving to all. The true meaning of love is beyond our scope for the moment. Let’s all forgive ourselves.

  2. It’s a shame to see here once more published some old and ridicule speculations. Obviously it is the blind speculations which holds the world ‘alive’ – meanwhile surrounded by egoistic and indifferent lousy people who have only one focal point: To be better than the neighbor and to possess more money than he.
    See yourself: Was ‘President’ Barack Obama not weak enough just in the attempt to fight against the massive ‘Weapon Lobby’ in his own country USA?
    So by reflecting this so sad truth onto Hillary, and she without any doubt is real and honest, what can she win finally?
    Surrounded by idiots and egoistic and dishonest ‘people’, and if she tries her best even in disclosure of the UFO-files, she will see herself confronted with some ‘beings’ of a ‘government inside the government’, a fact which her husband, Bill, admitted already in a public hearing a time ago, because he experienced that sad fact.
    I wish Hillary all the best, but I assume she will be unable also to break the ‘dirty wall’.
    PS: You can oppress the public opinion, even for a long time.
    But never you can oppress the public call eternally……
    So the world is constructed – and not anyway different…!

  3. Do not get your hopes up for official disclosure because of Hillary Clinton… Other Presidents have made similar promises to get elected… Some people will vote for her just to get a female into the Presidency… She has a crooked past, untrustworthy and will not be receiving my vote…

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