Seemingly Massive UFO Over New York Baffles Motorists Across New York


Another Independence Day-esque UFO hung in the sky over New York City. Puzzled motorists spotted it and filmed the bizarre aerial scene. The video shows a large, black object floating above the city, which also observed from nearby New Jersey.

UFO investigators Secure Team 10 uploaded the clip to YouTube after an unnamed witness sent it to their YouTube channel.

One of the Secure Team representatives said that the one who recorded the huge unidentified flying object revealed they had felt vibrations before noticing the aerial object. It reportedly stayed in one place for hours.

Tyler of Secure Team said they had received a lot of emails about the strange object. One of them was from Staten Island, who stated that he started hearing a faint, static sound that appeared to increase in volume to the point where the source or witness could faintly feel vibrations.

The source of the video that Secure Team posted to the video sharing site reportedly made it clear that they first thought of it as one of those banners towed behind planes for advertisements.

However, they soon realized it was too large for it to become a banner and they also noticed no plane nearby. The sender of the video also reportedly said that this aerial thing was just hanging out in the sky.

The object in question has yet to be identified.

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  1. Cant believe this site is still showing Secure Team Videos.
    And if this thing was so massive etc. why wasn’t it on the news?

  2. If this so called UFO, WAS out there for hours, why didn’t the military send out some airplanes to investigate it? Or this guy that sent in the video, why did he not drive towards it, not drive parallel to It Miles Away. That don’t make no sense.

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