Strange right cigar-shaped UFO over Brownsville, Texas 2-Aug-2016


This cylindrical UFO was seen and recorded hovering in the sky above Brownsville in Texas on 2nd August 2016.

Witness report: My brother was driving back home after a fishing trip on Hwy 48 when he noticed a bright, oval shape object moving slowly from left to right then stopping and hovering.
The sky was cloudless at that time of day; you can see the sunset in the background of the video he recorded.
The object had a small object that was trailing the big oval object and was absorbed, but was not captured on the video.
As with most videos, there is a possibility that the object may be of terrestrial origin.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. This is not a Cigar shaped UFO but one of the round with a dark top and bottom type that have often been seen in Videos. They are here in numbers, regardless of the people who think believers are nuts.

  2. There are many, many UFO sightings showing “black halos” associated with UFOs. These are of interest because similar effects can be produced in a laboratory. Circa 1911 George Samuel Piggott conducted experiments with a high voltage wireless telegraph apparatus that produced very similar black halo effects in a laboratory setting. There were also inexplicable levitation effects. Tesla saw similar “black band” and “black streamer” effects during his experiments at Colorado Springs. Strange physical forces were also evident.

    The black halos, coupled with Piggott’s experiments, offer solid clues about how UFO propulsion systems operate . This kind of thing could be studied up close and personal in a laboratory. What we learn about the science and technology could be quite valuable. For more information see,

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