Fleet of Seven UFOs Seen and Filmed Following Each Other In The Skies Above Lake Michigan


UFO researchers believe a fleet of extraterrestrial spacecraft has been seen hovering in formation. A video has surfaced showing seven glowing UFOs flying over Lake Michigan, U.S.

The clip was reportedly recorded on November 6. At one point, it shows the lead object increases speed and moves faster than the rest of the fleet.

The video has since been pickup by several UFO followers who said that it was incredible to see UFOs following each other.

Several skeptical viewers claimed the lights were only Chinese lanterns but believers argued this wasn’t possible for three reasons.

First, the UFOs weren’t red, which is the color of most Chinese lanterns. Second, even if they were unique white lanterns, the fire below should still be red and observers did not see it red. Third, the front UFO was moving way faster than the wind.

Some UFO observers are confident in this sighting to be a proof of alien visitation on Earth. They said it was great that someone recorded it on video for the people to see.

Another explanation from the comments in the video is that the UFOs are airplanes over Lake Michigan lining up before they land at O’Hare airport. These planes move very slowly and may appear to be hovering at the right angle.

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  1. I have never observed Chinese lanterns in the daytime. Has anybody? They are only visible in the dark. They are some kind of craft for sure.

  2. Blatantly obvious lanterns. Guess what? Wind can be blustery making some objects move faster than others,, shock horror !!

    Absolutely ridiculous. Why waste peoples time with this crap?

  3. Really interesting (if they’re planes waiting to land) that they’re able to just sit at the same location, not moving forward for many minutes. Our technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds.

  4. How about considering that those are great balls of nuclear fire?

    Maybe 300 kiloton warheads that were shot with the plan to burst them off over Chicago?

    Did we notice the one UFO leisurely flying along blinking?Might that UFO have been holding the warheads in place to burn them off?

    If we understand this might we not say a prayer of thanks to God almighty for sparing us from being destroyed in a nuclear war? Thank you.

  5. i saw exactly the same in Barcelona Catalonia 2012, over the sea, some just pass over head & “turned off the light” seemed metallic to me like crafts , got some video off youtube.com/watch?v=UPnactjJ7bk

  6. this vid was on here 2 weeks ago. why is it on again? and with different comments? why is this site repeating videos? you cannot, i repeat, cannot see lanterns in the daytime. they are also not planes lining up to land, as you see the film goes into twilight and they are all still in the same place. they are not nuclear warheads. we don’t have to pray to any god that he saved us.

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