Aliens Zapped Russian Soldiers, Declassified CIA Report Claims


Surviving aliens allegedly attacked and killed Russian military after the latter shot down the former, revealed in a sensational declassified CIA report.

The bizarre report reportedly includes claims that aliens in the UFO transformed into a ball of light and turned 23 soldiers into stone. It was allegedly buried among thousands of U.S. intelligence agency declassified files published online.

The shocking report, made on March 27, 1993, is apparently the CIA translation of a report from the Ukraine-based newspaper Ternopil vechirniy. According to the newspaper report, many KGB files reached the CIA after Mikhail Gorbachev lost power in 1991.


The report stated that a military unit noticed a low flying saucer while in training in Siberia. One of the soldiers then fired a surface to air missile, bringing the UFO down, the report said. It further indicated that five short humanoids, having large heads and huge black eyes, got out.

Two survivor soldiers saw the five beings transformed into a white spherical ball of light, buzzed and hissed. The ball of light then exploded and turned 23 soldiers into stone, the report claimed. Two troops in a shaded area survived the alleged attack.

The report added that the remains of the petrified soldiers were transported to a secret research institution near Moscow as per KGB report.

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  1. Might we guess that rather than the 23 soldiers being turned into stone, they were beamed up and in their place the stones were left?

    And for what purpose might we surmise did the aliens stage such a thing?

    Are we thinking that they were “MARKING” something for us to investigate?

    Maybe MARKING the military location? What was being developed there? Genocidal weapons of planetary obliteration?

    Might the extraterrestrials also have been wanting us to think of the bible story of when Lots wife was turned into stone for looking at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

    Might she have been beamed up also?

    Are we not aware that our extraterrestrial family do not traffic in pain or cruelty and they never take life? Thank you.

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