Multiple Unknown Lights Pictured Over Los Angeles

The witness was walking out to their garage and noticing strange lights in the sky. Amazed by what he had seen; he ran inside to get his phone. When he got back out, he saw the lights did not move. He managed to get a photo and send it to a friend. After doing so, he looked up back, but the mysterious lights were not there anymore.

According to the witness, the unusual lights did not fade gradually or drift off. They were just there one moment and suddenly gone, the witness explained.


The witness said that he could not explain the bizarre event and still can’t until today. He tried to get a scientific explanation about it and not jumped quickly to the alien thing, but he just could not explain it.

The witness said that he lost sighting of the mystery lights after he looked away for just a moment.

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  1. There have been many sightings. Where the object,has been there.Then, just disappeared.Like a light being shut off. This sighting seems to be real.

  2. looks like that new drone thing that is being done now. a person or people fly several drones at once and make a light show out of it. i saw it on the news. it actually looks like this.

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