UFO caught on tape over Hurghada, Egypt 5-May-2017


This UFO video was filmed over Hurghada in Egypt on 5th May 2017.

Witness report: Hovering ligtining object for a few hours lights looks like a plane lights with beaming
I was at the front of the house and I was drinking a tea . When I notice the object I start to make photos and movies , I thought it is an airplane but I watch it and it does not move for hours . Because this area close to an airport, it looks like a star but was very close to the buildings and the lights looks different than the star lights , it looks like a car or an airplane lights , and it didn’t move at all only beaming light , I felt so excited as I believe in UFO and I even try the contact them by waving lights from my iphone , but no reaction , I did found it also in the next day at the same spot and the same time . I lost the sight of the object when the sun light getting more stronger.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. it is most likely the planet Jupiter since Jupiter is the only visible planet out around may (if your in the northern hemisphere, which Egypt is) and it fits the description since the sky is starting to get dark (which is when the planets come out, planets before the stars since they’re brighter) and the witness report states it did not move for hours (it did but since its a planet it moved very slow around the sky slow enough for her/him not to notice it and that the light was pulsating both Venus and Jupiter do this at night if you are in to astronomy or just go out side at night ( at the right time of year) you will see this to. so all in all this was a planet, Jupiter, the most common thing to get misidentified and reported as a UFO, don’t be fooled be smart.

    • unless this video is reversed, it’s not jupiter. jupiter rises in the east. if the video is reversed then yes, it’s jupiter.

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