Video Reveals UFOs Passing The Moon


A space enthusiast has been puzzled with what he caught on video as he captioned it “WTF did I capture passing the moon.

He reportedly recorded on video three UFOs racing past the moon to which he thought helium balloons. However, he could not confirm precisely their identity.

The video was allegedly taken on April 22 and Don’t Stop Motion then posted it on YouTube.

The footage starts with the camera focusing the moon and its craters but later shows something unusual at the 1:18 mark.

All of a sudden, three black shadows are passing the moon.

It is not clear where they are coming from and where they go after they disappear from the frame, leaving most viewers baffled.

It is not mentioned where the video was taken.

Most YouTube viewers were also baffled, and some others were playing joked about the UFO claims.

Others couldn’t think of anything else other than the balloons suggestion.

They explained that the video reveals the silhouette of unlit objects passing above the bright moon surface and not shadows as others suggested.

They further suggested that the objects must be relatively near the earth and slowly pass through the ½ degree angular size of the moon.

Others think those objects were not something in Earth’s orbit as they were more looked like shadows than the actual things.

They explained that the actual objects could be quite big as they were able to cast shadows on the Moon considering the alleged distance this video was taken from. They added that the objects must have been closer to the moon because the shadows looked sharp.

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