Daytime UFO caught on tape over Scottsdale, Arizona 12-Jun-2018


Bright UFO flying over Scottsdale a few days ago.

Witness report: Observed bright object descend then hover. Object moved and stopped several times before speeding off to the north. Near air force base so planes are common. None of the jets observed looked like a glowing ball as this object did. Video attached.

Source: MUFON


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  1. I’m a pilot. This was filmed near an airport: jet ascending from left to right. Airport behind car. Lights in sky can be the landing lights of jets approaching the airport to land. Landing lights are turned on to help the tower controllers see where the aircraft are. These lights are often misidentified by people on the ground as UFOs. Secondly, the sun is setting. The light from the setting sun which is white at high altitudes can reflect off of the aluminum body of an aircraft at high altitude at this time of day making it appear as if it is a white object. If you look closely at 7:49 you can see the contrail behind the jet near the dark cloud. // Keep on looking up!

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