Close Encounter of the Third Kind In Oregon


Former MUFON Field Investigator Ron Wright shared a first-hand report of a close encounter of the third kind. The incident started when his spouse received a phone call on the late evening of June 6, 2018, from her son. He is a former police officer, former American Army veteran, and currently a local casino security guard.

Watching the face of his spouse while talking to her son, he noticed a look of concern. She handed the phone to him and said: “you need to hear this!” As Ron listened to her son, he was serious about what they spotted and encountered.

The primary witness was the 12-yr old daughter of his girlfriend. Ron spoke to the girl for over half an hour asking several questions.

The girl told him that the encounter took place at around 7:30 pm on June 6, 2018, 5 miles southeast of Siletz off a gravel road close to Ojalla Road in the woods.

The creature was approximately 100 feet standing 2 legs from the girl. The witness described the strange being to be pale grey, standing about 4-5 feet with quarter size dark brown eyes. The ribs were showing, super skinny, no clothes and had round, oval head, according to the witness. She added that it looked like no ears or nose, just a roundish bump of where the nose should be located.

The girl saw it about 10 seconds the first time and around 12 seconds the second time. The witness noticed that the birds were quiet but got noisy when it took off. She heard a buzzing noise before the sighting. Then the sounds got echoing for approximately 20 seconds before going normal again.

She went on to tell Ron that the family checked the area but saw only tuffs of white and black fur on the stump.

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  1. These stories would have a lot more credibility if the writer proof read them and corrected writing and grammatical errors.

  2. I’d like to believe this account but the writing is so poor that it makes us into disbelievers. The first sentence of the second paragraph regarding the distance/size doesn’t make any sense and the last paragraph about the white tuffs of hair doesnt flow with the story.

  3. I believe what she said…no cause to doubt her. I have seen UFOs close up, but have not seen any occupants. Big question…what do they want.

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