Daytime UFO recorded over Kamloops, Canada 10-Nov-2018


Check out this interesting footage of a huge UFO that appeared in the sky above Kamloops in BC, Canada on 10th November 2018.

Witness report: An unidentified object was flying under cloud lying as if it had wings. Directional changes.

1.I didn’t witness this UFO, I saw it on the local news but I don’t believe that it has been reported here. This is the most clear footage I have ever seen of a UFO and I think that it should be getting more coverage.

2. Seeing it on the local news

3. At first I thought it was a massive kite. But all I could come up with was that it was a flying object that could change it’s direction in the air. Looks like it had malleable wings that flexed in the air

4. Object was black, entering and exiting the cloud lining. It was able to change it’s direction and flew around as if it was a “sting ray” in the air.

5. I didn’t witness the event but what shocked me was it’s ability to change direction and elevation on command. From what I know, humans don’t have a aerial transportation machine that can do this. I was also shocked by how flexibile it was. Almost as if it was an animal flying in the sky.

6. Clouds

Author (source: MUFN)

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  1. Amazing that they just “happened” to be filming at the same time and in the exact spot that the object appeared. Didn’t even have to pan the camera to see the brief appearance of it.

  2. Many of these videos are labeled as UFO but if you get deeper in, look up unidentified flying humanoid objects. This video looks like one.
    And there’s a video from L.A with a helicopter circling what looks like one as well.
    Look up John Souza former FBI and go from there with your interest in the subject and get back at me

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