An Unidentified object (UFO) in a quad diamond formation recorded hovering over a building complex in Texas

The people of El Paso (Texas) were left in a state of panic when an unusual sighting was recorded at the night time. They witnessed something which could only be explained by taking the mystical perspective. In a first ever witness account of this type, a pair of flashing lights in a diamond formation was seen hovering above a building complex by the people living in nearby areas. Initially, only three lights in a triangular pattern were visible but after a few seconds, the fourth light also gained luminescence, thereby completing the square formation. Looking at the vast spread of lights, it can be plausibly said that whatever it was, it had a prodigious stature. One could also see a fifth light following the square formation and it could mean to represent a long flank that trailed back from the square body, just like in a helicopter. Based on the orientation of the lights, and their distance from one another, the size of the “UFO” can easily be imagined and it is way bigger than anyone that what the people of earth are familiar with.

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  1. How many can we only wonder perceive those are hydrogen warheads in a Martian controlled burn off? If understood must we not take our purse away from the nuclear war fighting hobbyists?

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