Alien Tech Unveiled: Navy Scientist Confirms Secret UAP Program

In a groundbreaking revelation at the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) conference, investigative journalist Ross Coulthart shared insights into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), shedding light on secretive programs involving non-human technology and biologics. Coulthart, renowned for his investigative prowess, embarked on a journey from skepticism to firm belief in the existence of these phenomena, fueled by testimonies from credible sources, including high-ranking military personnel.

From Skeptic to Believer

Ross Coulthart’s transformation from a skeptic to a fervent investigator of UAPs is a narrative worth noting. Initially doubtful, his perspective shifted dramatically after encounters with key figures like David Grusch, who claimed knowledge of secretive UAP retrieval and reverse engineering programs. Coulthart’s extensive background in journalism, focused on crime and corruption, added weight to his investigation into these mysterious phenomena.

Government Cover-Ups and Media Silence

One of the central themes of Coulthart’s keynote was the persistent government cover-up and the mainstream media’s failure to adequately address the UAP issue. He criticized the systematic disinformation campaigns aimed at ridiculing and dismissing UAP sightings, despite the U.S. government’s admissions of their existence. Private aerospace companies and government officials were implicated in maintaining the secrecy, often misusing funds and exploiting legal loopholes to conceal information.

Testimonies from Credible Sources

Coulthart’s investigation was bolstered by testimonies from credible witnesses, including former U.S. Navy scientist Nat Kobitz. Kobitz, who served as the Navy’s Director of Science and Technology Development, revealed his involvement in a classified program focused on retrieved non-human technology and reverse engineering efforts. He recounted being briefed on operations that involved recovering alien spacecraft and attempting to understand and replicate their advanced technology.

Historical Context and Official Deception

The historical context provided by Coulthart highlighted a long-standing strategy of debunking and discrediting UAP reports. He referenced the CIA’s Robertson Panel, established 70 years ago, which aimed to reduce public interest in UAPs through a mass media campaign. This panel recommended using television, movies, and popular articles to strip UAPs of their “aura of mystery,” effectively reducing public gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda.

The Call for Transparency

Coulthart’s speech culminated in a passionate call for transparency and accountability. He urged the public and Congress to demand the truth about UAPs, emphasizing the misuse of laws to hinder governmental oversight. Coulthart stressed that without public pressure, the truth about UAPs might remain concealed for decades, urging voters to push for changes and hold officials accountable.

An Emotional Appeal

In a fervent appeal, Coulthart criticized the diversion of trillions of dollars to secretive programs while neglecting public infrastructure. He urged Americans to demand transparency, invoking the spirit of the greatest generation that once made the nation proud. His frustration with the current state of affairs was palpable, as he called for a collective effort to uncover the truth and restore the country’s greatness.


Ross Coulthart’s revelations at the SCU conference have brought the issue of UAPs to the forefront, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability. His journey from skepticism to belief, supported by credible testimonies and historical context, underscores the significance of this issue. As the public and lawmakers grapple with these revelations, the call for truth and openness in the face of decades of secrecy becomes increasingly urgent. Coulthart’s passionate plea serves as a reminder of the power of investigative journalism and the importance of public vigilance in uncovering hidden truths.

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