Merry Xmas and Happy New Year :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from!
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  1. i absolutely hate this picture with every fiber of my being. to show the poor hurt and dying reindeer is not funny and doesn't make the picture amusing. please take it off here and never put it back on.

  2. A Celestial orientated Christmas … <br />Aside from pointing out how scriptural saying of a woman clothed with the sun, was actually speaking of a mothership cloaked in the vicinity of the sun’s corona which was also inhabited by the people of that city … many male and female nouns and pronouns are also actually referring to ancient facilities classified by their design and functions … This is a

  3. And the same to you all, except Xmas is for the X factor, Christmas is for Christmas. Looking for visiting advanced intelligent life to this planet ? One visited here 2000 years ago, lived here in human form for 33 years and sacrificed himself on a cross, died and raised himself from the grave to give you and me an opportunity to live in eternity and travel the universe at the speed

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