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    1. Where’s your contribute button? I want to make a donation to help you keep up the good reporting working.

    2. “Entryway Into Yesteryears” not all are UFO some of them are time travel vessel. Time travel vessel can only go back into the past for 40 days and 40 night is the limit before it go forward in time.. If it don’t leave after 40 days and 40 nights the time travel vessel have to go to Area 51.

    3. Just a few lines to let you know that the UFO sighting 11th September 7.00am 2004 England RG30 3TG was viewed by my wife and myself. And Archives held or Data taken was at RG30 3RR which is AWE Burghfield.

      The Company that would have been responsible for Security at the AWE would proberly hold these Archives. They are still working as a Security Company,Nasa employs them?

      I reported to your Bufora chaiman years ago about the 8 minutes we watched the UFO, and how the Archives would hold all the information. He replied, what proof I had that we were in some kind of time warp? just because no cars went passed? and what Archives am I talking about? I was shocked to read his reply, his reply was so not wanting to believe, this UFO was the most important UFO sighting ever. For what reason? Yes this was 16 years ago, yes just me and my wife saw it, yes no other evidence. But why this? I have ranted on about the Archives for that day, the instrument readings from the AWE at RG30 3RR held or taken by the Company in charge of Security at that time. Still heard nothng? no reply from anyone.

      Why do I come back to you? Because it’s said you investigate UFO sightings.

      Why did I take so long to report the UFO? The last thing I wanted around me at that time was to be famous, let someone else get all the media flak, etc. Anyhow something as big as it was, was always going to be seen by thousands, plus the hundreds of cameras around AWE, the Motorway M4 cameras, weather cameras, google cameras, people taking photos, a few days later Newspaper asking if anyone seen anything unusual in the Sky’s lately.

      Still not looking for notority, or fame, All I ever wanted was for this Type of Energy and Travel to benifit this world, my childrens children.

      I’m understanding the complications of such a UFO sighting such as this being proved, and how the world would War over it’s ownership. Which is another reason why I slowed down my ranting, about these Archives, which I might add will show up all around the world at that time,UFO travelling at huge speeds,Data being taken on many instruments around the globe, but not yet investigated, as they do not have or know how to extract this information.

      Yes a long time ago, many UFO sightings before and after. But this UFO sighting has proof in the Archives of that day. All they need to do is look with the belief that what we saw that morning was recorded by many instruments at AWE Burghfield.

      I have been going back to the sighting area for the last 16 years, counting the seconds before a vehicle passes, best being 45 seconds, not 8 minutes.

      Many things that morning never made sense to me? Why when I pointed to the UFO from the M4 bridge,and drivers and passengers looked up at where I was pointing, and many did, yet there was no reports from them? How did they see me but not the UFO?

      Why when I got photos of the morning sky from Kennet valley guy who sends them off to Nasa did they show clouds, when there was not a clound in the sky when we saw the UFO?

      Why after the event where it happened did a huge oak tree get trimmed, why was the sign I hid a ciggarett papers next to, removed, why was the exact place where we stopped the Van dug up,the exact size of the Van? Why was all the metal signs replaced? How was it possible for no cars, no birds, no sounds, no people, I sounded off my car horn, 3 times, which was very loud, why didn’t the houses nearby look out their windows? Why didn’t the the MOD guys at the gates see it?

      Endless, could ask another thousand questions, still no answers.

      You may say, we saw something, but with no evidence theres no proof.

      Should not be problem for NASA to access these old no good Archives from this Company that was incharge of these said instrument readings. Data taken that morning from any and all at that time,7.00am

      But then for what end???

      You prove all we saw to be true, on your head does WW3 lie?

      Does my email to you be the reason for investigating what I say causes WW3 ?

      Would I want to be the reason??? NO, definately not.

      So it all ends here, best we never get this new Energy, space Travel.

      One day soon all will come to understand why this UFO sighting was withheld and not by any authority on this planet, but by the UFO Proprietors.

      Thanks for your time, and good luck

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