Mexican Government Releases Ancient Space Explorer and Extra-terrestrial Evidences

Newly released ancient Mayan documents, which are estimated to be around 1,300 years old, seem to reveal that mankind is not alone in the universe and very advanced technologies such as space travel have likely existed thousands of years back.

The documentation, which was released by the Mexican government, not only suggests the existence of space explorer but may also shows the origin of human race.

Some consider the revelation by the government as a major development for humanity as it seems the truth is slowly getting disclosed. Many people in the UFO and extra-terrestrial community are hoping that the newly released documentation will fast track the disclosure of similar and other related information through the effort of governments around the world.

The Sundance winner “Revelation of the Mayans 2012,” by Juan Carlos Rulfo, also discusses such technology. The makers of the documentary were closely working with the Mexican government, according to the producer, Raul Julia-Levy, who described the cooperation as good for mankind. He revealed that Mexico President Alvaro Colom Caballeros was the one who ordered to collaborate.

Julia-Levy said the government will release the artefacts, codices and related documents with proof of extra-terrestrial and Mayan contact. Archaeologists will corroborate all of their information. He explained that the government is not alone in making this statement as everything is supported with significant evidence.

Mexican state of Campeche minister of tourism Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado went on record to confirm the discovery of alien life. In a statement by Rosado, he confirmed the documents about Mayans and extra-terrestrials contact, which the government has kept for quite some time in underground vaults. He also mentioned about the 3,000-year-old landing pads in the jungle in one of his interviews.

It is revealed that the Mexican government has protected these secrets for around 80 years.

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  1. I think this is great, but it's going to shake the foundation of the churches through out the world! WE ARE NOT ALONE ! and never were!!!!!!

    • Anyone who swallows the whole lot of rubbish the Churches put out while robbing the people will not believe what is apparent to someone with their eyes open.

    • I have had first-contact with two ET-Species. Honestly, the reptilian -people are real; and there are the small ET-beings (unknown based on the clarity through the metal-window). I know this looks to others as they read that it is like the Bob Lazar's description of the Zeta-reticuli's S.C.,, but to be truthful i could not see detail inside that were seen in their space-craft (at arm

  2. Is there any reason to believe that a ministry of tourism is objective, undercovering the existence of extra-terrestrial landing facilities on its territory ?

    • This uncovering proof of extra-terrestrials from Mexico has been around for some time now and no other country as come forward to say anything! why? this ls all fake and from the Mexico ministry of tourism- come on- all this stuff on UFOs from Mexico is crap the documents look like new not 1,300 years old kind of like drawings you would see today, why is it not in all the news papers around he

  3. This is very interesting. The clip at bout 9:02 is the sun, moon and earth, mars being the other. They have helped us for centuries. They have shifted power many times. Washington was given help to form this country. Now we have fallen from grace and they are taking America&#39;s power as we speak. <br /> They have been abducting and implanting us for about 175 years in America. I am sure

  4. Let&#39;s see, the only Mayan Codex&#39;s in existence were the Dresden codex. The Germans were light years ahead of US in the 1940&#39;s in gravity research .Dresden, Germany was firebombed heavily during WW ll (Kurt Vonnegut was there at the time! ). Has there been any research on this ? Or that rotten smell emanating from the proverbial state of denmark? Or the unwanted changes in the

  5. If visited by an advanced space traveling race thousands of years ago then they were probably from Mars when the planet supported intelligent life. Keep in mind they seem to have an interest in mega stone structures used for human blood sacrifice and naked lady pictures…. sound like a bunch of Slack Jaws to me, you know the type… stand around drooling glass eyed waiting for the next free ride

  6. It&#39;s like a wise fella once said…. Some peoples is real smart and some peoples is real stupid too…. So Whats your Beef ?

  7. from the guy pointing out on the stone of the object, with the blow up drawing of an person/alien in it, as similar to the pyramid stairs – that object looks like the other UFO they drew to the right. So are the pyramids suppose to be representation or attempt of replicating Alien space ships? are they that massive?<br />

  8. ufos &amp; aliens ARE true…but rocks alone-are not the proof…p.s.-what&#39;s with the numbers?it&#39;s confusing for dislexcics…

  9. The USA and ENGLAND and lot of other countries are working together to bring the earth into a community of over 2 million planets and this has been happening for the last 50 years.<br />To join we have been give a very long list of things to change.<br />Lots of global energy companys are in the loop and no they are soon to be a thing of the past <br />as the earths poles make clean energy and

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