UFO With Three Rods Photographed and Filmed Over California

California UFOs

Texas UFO sightings have been making rounds online for the last few months. However, citizens and UFO enthusiasts temporarily shifted their focus to the reported UFO sighting in California recently. A unique aircraft was seen hovering above the Golden State and photographed by a witness, who reported it to MUFON and submitted the image.

The witness was pulling into his driveway at around 6:55 p.m. when he noticed a bright orb hovering above and beyond his neighbors’ home. He immediately noticed the orb because it reflected the sunset orange and the sky was completely clear. At first, he was thinking of a balloon or some kind of strange looking helicopter, but he noticed that it did not have any rotors.

He noticed some sort of rods or antenna coming out of the orb. He attempted to get a better sight by going to his backyard. He estimated that the mysterious aerial thing seemed to be less than a mile away above residences. After 5 minutes, he got his camera and set it up with a tripod. He managed to take few photos and then got his video camera. He then started to capture video as well for around 20 minutes.

The witness watched the strange sighting for about 45 minutes and at some point, he noticed some wavering, somewhat affected by the movement of the air. At times, the orb would go down behind a large tree, and then would slowly come up behind tree and reappear. The object stayed stable before it started to drift away in slow motion to the southwest direction. The witness then eventually lost sight of it because it was too dark. The witness was intrigued on the 3 rods coming from it.

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    • look’s as if it has welding mark’s and there is also some scuffing on outside of the ball , and I cannot tell for certain but the scale of the device look’s to be , well , not very large , say like a medicine ball or slightly larger .

  1. My husband and I saw one like this at Sherdley park several years ago. I took a picture of it but when the pic came out it had turned into a blue streak.

  2. looks like a new military object to test for ozone type gases definately never an alien craft too obsolete looking ? i thought it was some old space debris floating about california sky ? doesnt look too advanced technologically ?

  3. where’s the video?!? lets see the video!! what’s up with that, Texas??? that’s a really lovely picture but can we see video please!!

  4. I hope the observer submits the pictures and video to a credible news source such as CNN? Let them set their skilled “debunkers” on the photos & video. This is truly remarkable if it is not a fake. I can’t see how it would hover for such a long period of time if it obeyed the conventional laws of aerodynamics and gravity. WE don’t have anything like this. So, it’s either a well-produced fake (and shame on the person who wasted our time), or it’s authentic and should be making headlines.

  5. Yeah, because ET’s with Thousands or Millions of years worth of advanced tech would send a Sputnik look-alike to Earth. This has got to be either Earth based tech specifically some kind of drone type craft.

  6. It’s very clear and my guess is that it is some kind of monitoring probe with the antennae as sensors. There appears to be another nub where a fourth antennae might be nested. It would be more effective showing background to determine its scale. I have seen round objects that look small up against the backdrop of airliner landing gear, flying independent and with apparent intelligence, at a very high rate of speed.

  7. I really prefer my hoax offerings to show a little more craftsmanship and imagination. To be fair however, the photo quality and resolution is if anything, suspiciously too good. It showcases to obvious flaws in the model. I can’t imagine watching something like this were it real for twenty minutes, pulling out a camera, a tripod and a movie camera but not grabbing the phone, or shouting out to alert a friend or the next door neighbor to share and confirm the experience. Plus, examine the object itself. VERY crudely done. There are several possible over-glued seams or repairs, and they are rough and crude. The apparently open “windows” are not all the same. And nobody since the 1930’s era tri-motors popular with the Luftwaffe builds an aircraft with rectangular and sharp cornered windows. These are prone to stress cracks and structural failures. When this thing goes ballistic or ventures out into space, the minimum performance I demand of my UFO’s, I assume an alarm goes off and the crew scrambles in the cabin to raise the screens and drop the storm window panes down to cut the wind blast? there are inexplicable rough surface areas, surface color differences, and the “antennas” are as distinctly unmatched and as crude as they could be. NOT a “go fast” design. My best impression is that this is what you get when you fail to vigorously shake the can till the ball bearing rattles, and just throw a spray coat of poorly mixed aluminum aerosol paint over a slightly rusty metal object. Possibly not alien, but a visiting Jules verne era time machine?

  8. Here is the video. My son showed my how to post onto youtube. youtu.be/W6B48Eb6Fno He also wanted me to tell you that he doesn’t think I am technologically savvy enough to manipulate anything. It took me 2 weeks to figure out how to get if off of my video camera and onto my computer. Any shake in the video is me holding the camera. My still camera was in the tripod. I used a 270 zoom on my Nikon D80 to shoot the still photo. I blew it up and cropped it in Lightroom. Sorry Aj, that I don’t meet your standards. Just showing your what I saw. Nothing more, nothing less.

  9. Rick, it’s a shame you only just posted up the video. People will have mostly moved on disregarding this story now. I think this will be one of those stories that will be sadly forgotten even though clearly, there is something in the air in that video. How big would you say that ball was? looks like about 3 to 4 feet or so.

    • I agree with your sentiment. I only just stumbled upon this website on the day I uploaded the video. My estimate is that it was about 4-6 ft in diameter. I think it was unmanned.

  10. That’s how the cable companies are planting new antennaes in country areas. Just ramming to the trees, with the rods. This time they tried, missed the tree though.

  11. you know the real deal does always looks fake and rustic and so weird .i just want to know and capture one like this one , looks like it can be captured .

  12. I saw this first hand outside my ariplane window when flying to Seattle last year from San Diego. I looked out my window when over Orange County at first glance i notice outside my window and about 20 feet down two Gold orbs quickly grabbed my eye. they seems to follow and rotate around eachother then i little further behind them was this orb with antenna it really stuck out like a sore thumb. It was actually pretty big i would have to guestimate around 12-15 foot radius and the only thing i could think it looked like was the MASH Helicopter, Bell 47. This was last year and today i decided to see if i could find an orb that looks like what i encounterd and here we are..I have witnessed multiple UFO’s since i was a kid.

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