Two UFOs Captured In A Photo Flying Over Berkshire Pub

Two unidentified flying objects was photographed by a man from Basingstoke, UK. The two mysterious objects reportedly hovered above Bracknell, Berkshire on June 14, 2013, Friday night.

Steve Lambert was inside the Running Horse pub during the sighting. He was on the pub’s terrace when he sighted two lights in the dark sky at around 8 PM.

Forty-two year old Lambert says that the two UFOs were going south-west towards Basingstoke at tremendous and extra-ordinary speed. He says that it was faster than any known aircraft. The strange objects stayed in his sight for about 5 seconds.

Lambert decided to post the picture on Facebook showing the two UFOs to know if other people also witnessed what he spotted on that night.

Lambert claims that he always takes quick photos when he sees something interesting in the skies using his mobile phone.

Lambert’s UFO sighting report is the second time in the week in England. Earlier, a woman from Bromley reported that she photographed a UFO on 27th of April 2013. She says that she was awakened by a loud noise which prompted her to check outside through looking at a bedroom’s window.

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  1. you were able to see, get up and get outside to a terrace and grab your phone and get in a shot all within 5 seconds and get no blur at all? i want to know what kind of a phone you have! looks like reflections on glass because there is also a yellowish reflection on the lower left.

  2. I have seen this oddity twice; once in October 2012 and again in the past two weeks-June 2013. These two UFO's emit a brilliant white light which is elliptical in shape; travel in tandem, which can be plainly seen and travel at an extraordinary rate of speed. On the occasions I have witnessed these anomalies they were during my observations of the International Space Station (ISS) flying

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