Interesting new video of UFOs in the sky over Melbourne, Australia 25-Jun-2011

Latest UFO sightings – New video of fast objects flying across the sky above Melbourne in Australia. This was taken today (Saturday, 25th June 2011).
Witness report: Filming with a Yukon Ranger for about 90 minutes. Caught over 15 objects flying, most were satellites, these are just unusual. I try not to post satellites. 3 seperate objects filmed here, cut down.
Author (loucanola @ youtube)

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  1. I saw the same bright irregular and curved from north to east trajectory moving object at night sky over Elblag (northern Poland) in mid june 2011. There was no sound or blinking lights like jet plane. Object was moving much quicker than jet plane over sky but much slower than falling star (notice trajectory mentioned). Now i'm sure it's real.

  2. there was quite a bit of activity in melbourne on that particular weekend…esp in the south-east region.<br />i whipped out an old (tape :s) vidcam to record what seemed like a star, but far more brilliant, however moving ever so slightly in odd patterns but seemingly hovering. when i zoomed (which wasnt that good however) it appeared to be circular with red, green and blue lights flashing. <br

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