Daytime UFOs recorded over Utica, New York 20-Jun-2011

LUFOS – This daytime footage of unidentified flying objects flying in the sky above Utica in New York was recorded on 20th June 2011.
Witness report: I was sitting on my back porch noticed 4 white objects hovering in a diamond shaped pattern. I ran down into my basement and grabbed my camcorder. I managed to record some shaky footage while pointing out to my wife where to look in the sky. I paused recording to mount camcorder on tripod which my wife brought out to me. This took less than a minute. Once I was up and running again on one Orb remained which descended behind tree line.
Author (source: mufon)

Note: Watch in full screen!

Download the original video files (better quality):

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  1. We saw the same thing at night, but many more and even larger around the same time over Utica, NY. They kept increasing in number and floated around and then slowly disappeared one by one. Just last night we saw several smaller ones, red lights his time, floating in the sky over while at Vernon Down. Would love to know what it is we have been seeing.

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