Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black Triangle UFOs

Black Triangle UFOs & Chinese Missiles
Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
17th April 2012

Clyde Lewis discusses North Korea's recent rocket launch, and mysterious triangle flying up and down the coast. Clyde also spoke with a listener who was familar with the Black Triangles and used to refuel them when he was in the Air Force!


  1. can he explain the flying black triangles reports to be seen back in the 1940s. And please don't blow up my arse they were making them then too. Some were reporting to be quite a bit larger than the ones seen today average size. I have seen one mysself hovering just over the tree tops, next to road i was on. it was dusk, its bright weird lights had caught my attention first. It did not look like the similiar aurora, it was too long perfect triangle, perfectly straight sides all 3 sides no lights as shown on the back of the similiar auorora that is man made. The aurora looks more compact sort of triangle. But what I saw was a perfect straight edge triangle, longer than the aurora inshape. Just 3 lights each corner, red light low middle. Now I have no idea what a aurora being high tech, top secret and all would be doing in my small town thats barely on the map. I am not buying the story that its all military.

  2. Wow, this video is way too long... Listened to about 30 minutes, has way too much worthless chatter in it.

  3. Is it just me, or is this kind of misinformation always easier to believe when it comes from a grotesque narcissist wearing all black clothes, sunglasses and a pompadour, who strikes a rediculous pose for his photograph?

  4. what a boring radio programme. the craft is either military (more than likely) or extraterrestrial. so what! i've seen one and as years go by then i couldn't care less.


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