Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2013

Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2013 by

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March 2013; huge orb – Cottonwood, Arizona

1st March 2013; UFO activity – San Antonio, Texas

3rd March 2013; unknown lights – Gothenburg, Sweden

4th March 2013; triangle UFO – Penn Township, Pennsylvania

13th March 2013; bright UFO – Vatican

15th March 2013; cigar-shaped object – Brasil

18th March 2013; UFO near a plane – Virginia

19th March 2013; UFO near Area 51 – Kingman, Arizona

26th March 2013; unknown lights – St. Petersburg, Russia

29th March 2013; 2 linked UFOs – Salt Lake City, Utah

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  1. Have to seriously question what the point of lights is? If they do not want to be seen, lights would be the last thing you would put on at night, so obviously these are not people trying to hide from sight. It seems little suspect that these occurrences never happen at distances that someone could actually get some audio of a clear shot, and while were at it why when filming UFOs is it nearly

  2. That is because at cerain stages of travel they can not hide, the only cloaking available at stage is darkness it's self. This is an intelligently operated vehicle. Have you ever tried to film an uncontrolled situation, anonymous of 4:45 PM April 01?

  3. One of my friends has scrapped an old Russian anti-missile mobile radar equipment.<br />Unalmunkban fun with him once when an object flashed the tale flashes on the screen and something horribly, it sure was not flying machine. : DD

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