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Your UFO reports: 20th December – 27th December 2014
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Los Angeles, near the observatory – 12/28/2014
I was hiking on the hills of the Griffin Park observatory, I remember that I came to the highest part of the hiking trail about 6pm Pacific time. Something caught my eye when I was looking North as if looking torwards Burbank when I saw this craft with changing colors in the sky. It was I, my girlfriend and about 5 other witnesses that saw this. As I reached for my smartphone to snap a pic it was gone. It would have been a great picture since my Motorola Nexus 6 takes beautiful pictures even at great distances.
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Ramona ca 92065 mussey grade rd. – 12/27/14
Orange bright sphere or orb. Moving very fast at short distance.  More like hovering but moving north south east west jumpy and sometimes moving north south east west longer range. Dropping small red orbs  that flash and move rapidly in the sky in all directions. (N, S, E, W). Have pictures and video in detail. Sometimes orbs of lights flashing very brilliant in many colors. (Very beautiful) vision thru telescope and cannot figure out what it is. Looks very odd and its the brightest object in the sky.  More than 3 some nights. Almost looks like spirit entities. Email for more details would like to get more info and share my picture video evidence.  Thank you all.
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Alhaurin el grande, Malaga, Spain – 24th Dec 2014 21:00 cet (approx)
Very bright white light moving from South to North at very high speed. Both myself and my adult son watched it for a few seconds until it went out of sight. It wasn’t an aircraft. Perhaps a meteor that skimmed the atmosphere? Oh,,, and it wasn’t Santa’s sleigh 😉
It wasn’t a satellite either, we see those regularly in summer, this was at least three or four times faster than a satellite and much brighter.
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Pennsylvania – 28 Sept 2014
Pennsylvania UFOWas driving on rte. 222 s. , between Ephrata, Pa. and Lancaster, Pa.  I spotted a couple of Hot air balloons . Pointed my camera, (while driving) through the front window on the right side, took a couple of shots, and captured this object, not knowing it was there. I only noticed it when I downloaded the pictures. Sept. 28 2014. 10 a.m.  What do you think?
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on indego sky off of hunt hwy – 2012 around 0100 in the morning
I was driving home one night it was a clear sky full of stars. I always look at the stars on the way home then kinda strange like a dim glow around me or something. I looked forward at the windshield of me truck around the rear view mirror and see what looked like a silk worm hanging getting lower and lower until it made it to the middle of the windshield. Then I hear a tap then see a flash of light but the light didn’t go everywhere it stayed on the ground and followed the horizon. I know it did because I saw all the hills, trees, and houses when the light made it there. The light wasn’t bright before or after the band of light that shot across the ground. I don’t remember anything after that. All I know it my drink was watered down and I think I passed the same poll that was on the side of the road and I have a scar on my leg like if you have a heart catheter on my left inner thigh that wasn’t there before that I can remember. Now have really vivid dreams I can only remember the poll again when I wake up sometimes.
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Unknown location
a few years back I was in my garden, it was a clear day mid afternoon in late summer and I happened to look up and at about sixty to a hundred feet I saw flying in formation what I can only describe as inflated clear polythene bags with lights inside of them and they were shaped like kites, the old fashioned triangular shape but each one had a different colour, these were moving at a rapid rate in perfect formation, my heckles were up I was shocked because I knew wot I was seeing was not of this world !!! I swear to god!!! also at this time a few people had died within days of each other, so im convinced I saw soul collectors!! I swear to god I saw these at a low altitude in late afternoon on a clear summers day!! this is not made up im a fifty year old man!!
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