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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed – Full Documentary

April 24, 2016 // 3 Comments

The definitive documentary on UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites, produced by renowned researcher Robert Hastings. Interviews with former U.S. Air Force nuclear missile launch officers who unequivocally state that UFOs have long monitored and even tampered with American ICBMs. Their dramatic testimony is reinforced by revealing declassified documents which […]

Area 51: The Untold Story and 25 Year History

April 14, 2016 // 3 Comments

Emmy Award Winning Journalist George Knapp is considered the first reporter to break the story of Extraterrestrial Technology at a secret test facility now known as “Area-51.” In this presentation George will discuss the mystery surrounding Area-51, 25 years after breaking the story and will provide never before heard details […]

Linda Moulton Howe: Ancient & Advanced Technology

April 8, 2016 // 0 Comments

Ancient Advanced Technology, Self Activating Machines, Planetary Terraforming, and Anonymously Leaked Top Secret Documents, all this and more set the stage for a UFO mystery that began over 12,000 thousand years ago. Linda Moulton Howe traveled to Turkey to see first hand, dozens of 19 foot tall elegantly carved limestone […]

Modern Physics and UFO Sightings

April 2, 2016 // 0 Comments

Robert Schroeder believes that we may be on the threshold of understanding the technology of UFOs. While it was once thought that the idea of extra dimensions was strictly the domain of science fiction, that has all changed in the last several years. Physicists now appear to be closing in […]

Coast to Coast AM: Aurora UFO Crash with Jim Marrs

March 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

Coast to Coast AM: Aurora UFO Crash/ Quantum Science & Spirit Date: Monday – March 28, 2016 Host: George Noory Guests: Jim Marrs, Mark Anthony In the first half, author and journalist Jim Marrs discussed the Aurora, Texas UFO crash of 1897, which he considers to be the “smoking gun” […]

UFOs: Slaying the Dragon with Stanton T. Friedman

March 26, 2016 // 3 Comments

Stanton T. Friedman believes that there are many things that can be done to improve the respectability score of ufology. In his words, “we can show people facts and the sources of the data.” This presentation includes the details of: 1. Advanced nuclear fission rockets that operate using the same […]

UFO Journalist: Linda Moulton Howe

March 23, 2016 // 6 Comments

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for the exciting return of Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and star of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series Linda Moulton Howe! In Part 1 of this fascinating episode, Linda, in a rare and controversial prediction, reveals that she has received inside information from […]

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