Crop circles

Crop Circles: Hoaxes or ET Phenomena?

In the 1960’s, crop circles started to grip the attention, interest, and imagination of the world with the discovery of the strange circular formations. The appearance of new crop formations always got the attention of the media, scientific association, and the New Age believers. Fictional works, such as the M. Night Shyamalan movie “Signs” starring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, featured crop formations as their primary subject.

A crop circle design involves flattened the field of rapeseed, wheat, rye, corn or barley that usually forms circles and/or some other geometric shapes. It started with simple circles, but more complex patterns began to surface since then with some formations featuring 3-D qualities. Crop circle formations usually exhibit patterns in sacred geometry.
Investigators who are seriously looking into the structures, no matter how basic or complex are the patterns, often wonder whether the phenomenon is man-made, a result of bizarre weather, or something paranormal or otherworldly in origin.

Crop Circle History

The history of crop circle can be traced back as early as the 1880’s in England. The historical records say crop circles were believed to be the result of freak storms that made round formations in the cultivated fields.

There has been little written about the phenomenon as a result of little interest in it until nearly a century later. The press again took more interest in crop formations with more reported sightings in the 1960’s. Mysterious crop designs did not just created in England; they also came out in different places around the world, such as China, Australia, Canada, and Russia. The formations of crop circles often appeared near locations and areas considered to be holy, sacred, and ancient. Most crop circles were created in the southern part of England, predominantly in Wiltshire County.
Many explanations about the formation of crop circles have surfaced. One theory stated that they were the effect of extreme weather, such as tornadoes and whirlwinds. Another one linked the circles to UFO’s and extraterrestrials or aliens.

Two pranksters Dave Chorley and Doug Bower exposed most of the crop circle phenomena. They claimed to have made most of the crop circles in Wiltshire County using rope, planks and other tools accessible locally during the darkest hours of the night.

Some Crop Circles Still Had No Earthly Explanation

crop-circleEven with the revelation and demonstration by Dave and Doug on how they created such formations, later research showed that only eighty percent of all recorded crop formations are of human origin. It means that twenty percent of carefully documented and research crop patterns still defy explanation. What possibly the cause of the mysterious twenty percent?

Many scientists and paranormal researchers drew the conclusion that the remaining twenty percent of crop formations had to have other explanations for their appearances. Experts decided to form an area of research for crop circle formations, which they called cereology. The research has been aiming to find out the truth behind the occurrences of the most genuine field formation.

Well-Known Field Designs

  • The Longwood Warren Solar System Formation in Hampshire, UK. It looks similar to our solar system but with the apparent absence of the planet Earth. Scholars and scientists alike took much interest in it.
  • The Dumbbell Formation in Chilcomb Farm, UK. It is considered as the first of such formation where a line linked two circles and flanked by two rectangles on each side in 1990.
  • The Barbury Castle in the UK. It is a Neolithic fort in the UK. The formation was assumed to depict one of the sacred hermetic symbols, which is the symbol of the Trinity, the reason it was deemed highly significant. It appeared in 1991.