TV news: V-shaped UFO over Ireland

Recent UFO sighting – MSNBC tv news about V-shaped UFO video recorded near the River Liffey in Dublin, Ireland.

More info about this sighting on our site:
January 9, 2010: Remarkable triangle UFO footage
January 22, 2010: Triangle shaped UFO recorded over Ireland 2010

Latest UFO sightings. ovni in Europe. 2012 apocalypse – meteor hit the Earth.

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  1. I live in Ireland, have been interested in the subject of ufos for sixteen years of my life now. I can tell you with certainty that neither of the two videos posted above, were filmed in Ireland. The triangle footage purportedly shot by a garda and witnessed by a politician has NEVER appeared online, nor been released, on any other form of public media, at all. I find it strange that the bottom

  2. Hello, On December 31st 2002 in Mississauga,Ontario at 11:55pm I witnessed two of these craft,and I call them craft because their altitude was so low that I could easily make them out against the night sky and the full moon in the crisp -20 weather that night, and the huge illuminated discs(3 in a v-shape) that made up the objects.(See Mufon) for both details on both encounters)<br />On November

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