Amazing UFO sighting in Liverpool, UK

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle UFO or orbs in triangular formation were recorded over Liverpool, UK on Tuesday, 20th April 2010 around 10:40 pm.

This was filmed by my daughter’s boyfriend on his mobile phone on Tuesday 20 April 2010 around 10.40pm. We could see it more clearly on the mobile phone – but don’t u think it’s mad the way the lights are flashing in a pattern? Don’t forget this is Tuesday 20/4/10 when there were no planes allowed to fly at all in the UK!! 100% genuine film! Now I believe because I’ve seen it for myself!!
Author – Debbie B.
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  1. @justa4t Clearly I have upset you, considering you have blocked me from making comments on your videos. Some of your movies have valid comments some are questionable. I object to those who flood the web with 'observations' that are clearly explanable. I would hope you are like me i.e. someone who wants to see definitive proof that we are being visited by extra-terrestrial visitors but

  2. please contact me on email. yes, i&#39;ve blocked some users which have posted some very offensive comments.<br />but try to understand me, i only share the videos, i don&#39;t know the truth and i don&#39;t try to create readers opinion, that&#39;s on your.<br />so, again, contact me on my email and send me your user name on youtube and i will unblock you.<br />have a great day!

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