Remarkable flying saucer photographed over Cordoba, Argentina – 2008

Interesting daytime photograph of disc-shaped UFO taken in Capilla del Monte – Cordoba, Argentina on 25th June 2008. Camera: Sony H50. Your opinion about this sighting?

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source: mufon
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  1. it is a Frisbee.i zoomed and did some black and white with as much despeck as i could.i could see the rim of where the outer edge of the Frisbee curls in.tried to find a relevance towards size on the ground but nothing is recognizable.i actually think i had that make of is larger then the other types being a competition one.

  2. Around a year ago I saw a cigar shaped craft flying high at incredible speeds. please send me updated UFO Picturess or video. I am so intrested in this subject. thank you- Frank Calisi

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