Crop Circle found at Ufton, nr Southam, Warwickshire, UK

New crop circle was found at Ufton near Southam in Warwickshire, England on Friday, 25th June 2010.

This formation took a while to find in the fields. You can see it from the White Hart pub, it’s in the fields below. It’s easy to end up going in the wrong field, which is what we did at first and then when we found the right field went up the wrong tramline. Try not to do that or you have to go a long way around, and on a hot day it’s a killer..

It looks really nice from the ground, it’s around 200 feet, but I couldn’t work out the design. There is a centre circle, with sections around it on each side, split into 6 bits, the crop is flowing all different ways.
A little bit away there are also 3 grapeshot’s nestled together, with swirled centres and standing stalks.
The view from inside the formation is brilliant, and the overall feeling is very peaceful. It was very beautiful in there.
I have no idea where one can contact the farmer, I will ask around. The wheat is still very young, so if visiting try to stick to the tramlines, which will take you straight into the formation.
Sonya Bailey

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