Triangle-shaped craft over Lake Huron in United States 1-Aug-2011

UFO sightings 2011 – This triangle-shaped craft flying in the night sky above Lake Huron in North America was recorded on 1st August 2011.
Witness report: In advance, sorry about the poor quality video. They were so fast it was difficult to keep up and with no sound it was equally difficult to track them. I first saw these at about 9:30 pm. There were two of them that flew over the lake while I was driving home with groceries. My children all asked what they were and I replied that I didn’t know but I would go back later and see if I could find out :).
10:30pm – At the beach with Jimmy – We must have seen 50 of these things. I was able to capture four on video. The first one is actually the last one I captured but I figured I’d give you the best quality recording first. Notice how before I changed positions you can see the blinking lights in the front of it. The three white lights are in the back of it, which you will notice more after I change position.
Author (aria926 @ youtube)

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  1. poster added these comments: 2:43 – Just discovered something else! What is that thing that comes toward it then stops abruptly and shoots back from where it came?<br /><br />3:00 – Thanks to WickeDiLLusionZ &amp; 26mel1 for pointing out the orbs passing in front of the craft. There is an especially large one here.<br /><br />it&#39;s not a plane…if it was a plane it must be flying backward!

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