Video Shows A UFO Flying Underneath Passenger Plane In An Iranian Airspace

UFO over Iran

The mysterious spherical, white object recorded on video from a commercial airline flying over the sky of Iran could not be a bird or a plane either. It is most likely an unidentified flying object or simply known as a UFO. However, skeptics say that the object could be just a drone.

In a 35-second video clip, the sphere appears to be having a white color, no wings, and not too large. It looks to be flying from the right side of the frame of the camera going to the left at a fixed speed while flying at low altitude.

Iran is a Middle Eastern country that has a history of official documentation of UFO sightings and even search mission by air force for UFOs in their air space.

The first incident that involved UFO in the Iranian airspace was back in 1976. Fighter pilots attempted to confront fast, bright objects above Tehran, but they failed to do so when all their instruments malfunctioned without apparent reason.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force or IRIAF noticed UFOs over their nuclear facilities in 2004. The Iranian air force thought they were drones from the U.S. but the Iranians were stunned seeing the UFOs increased speed and disappeared all of a sudden.

In 2012, an F-14 caught an intruder flying towards the Bushehr nuclear power plant but the aircraft mysteriously exploded after takeoff, resulting to the death of both crewmen.

While many believe that those past incidents could be attributed to non-extraterrestrial explanations, it just goes to show that UFO sightings and investigations aren’t new in this part of the world.

The latest strange white orb recorded on the video is still waiting for the official explanation from the government. So far, no government-affiliated organization has claimed of experimental aircraft program in Iran.

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  1. O’l fred examined this one with magnification 3.75 readers while lookin through a six inch magnifier and I don’t see no wings…

  2. These spheres are similar to the ones seen over Mexico, France and Russia.
    These spheres are also seen in the video surveillance of the SPACE X rocket explosion.

    These spheres are also seen on numerous International Space Station video footage.

    Theses spheres sightings are coming in from all over the planet, and in increasing numbers. I don’t think that these sightings are, hoaxes there are simply to many sightings from to many sources.

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