Daytime UFO activity over Los Angeles, CA 11-Jan-2020

Another great 2020 UFO Sighting! This one was taken over the city of Los Angeles, California on 11th January 2020.

Witness report: Orbs Rose from the west, 3 orbs followed by 5 that rose in a group, caught up to the first 3 then formed a pentagon. They held that shape for minutes. Looking westward at a working crane, I saw what i thought were bright perfectly round balloons floating upward from behind clouds to my west at an angle of about 25 degrees. The cloud today, after research were at a minimum 1300 feet to 2500 feet and dissipated at 24,000 feet. There were wispy clouds in the area of the orbs. They floated up slowly. The wind blew the clouds north east, slowly. The orbs followed the wind but appeared to go less north than the clouds. The 3 white orbs were by them selves for about a minute. then 5 orbs came up slightly faster than the others primary assent, and then slowed and split into the pentagon shape filmed. I have a snap shot of the first 3, in the area of the pentagon you won’t find any orbs. In the other photo you can see the pentagon orbs close to the first 3. That shows they accelerated to the area, not filmed but seen by me. The 5 came up close, like a group of balloons released at the same time, then slowed and formed the pentagon shape filmed. I thought that this was not balloons!! Balloons don’t form shapes and hold for minutes. Those balloons stayed in that shape and followed the first 3 perfectly from west to directly over head, heading east. I lost sight of them after that. Clouds to the east covered them. I filmed and observed seagulls after that. They were sharper in the photos, under the cloud cover, much closer. I could tell then that the orbs I saw were not birds or balloons. I’ve observed satellites many times passing over, The orbs had that appearance, but not the speed. It took about 12 minutes to go from 25 degrees to 90/100 degrees. Real slow. I photographed helicopters and airplanes, also observed the appearance, altitudes, etc. From that observation my guess is the orbs were anywhere from 5000 feet to 20,000 feet. I won’t guess what they were, just reporting what I saw. You can totally judge for yourselves. As an artist who has an eye and perception better than normal, and as an aircraft fan, I know aircraft, I’ve seen balloons, satellites, shooting stars etc. This was none of those.

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  1. I have been observing those flicking lights formation every night as well over our house. After taken some photos and made the images larger you can distinctively see that they are orbs lights. And when dawn sets in you can see them dispersing away in the horizon. I live in Baldwin Hills Estates, CA located at Latitude: 34.01 North, Longitude: 118.34 West, Altitude: 980.00m/3215.22ft.

  2. It is my firm belief now. Given the fact that we’ve had this reversed technology.Of downed craft. for so many years That a good percentage of craft that are being sighted. Being made from the reverse technology and given crashes of UFOs. Could this be the way of the government to get people used to seeing these sightings being prepared for disclosure.

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