Tube-Shaped UFO Sighting Above Massachusetts

A video of a puzzling, glittering object seen above Massachusetts has sparked conspiracy claims, just like the weird snake-like UFO sightings that made the rounds online last year.

John Baglio uploaded the video on Facebook. He shot the footage while driving on the highway between Boston and Malden with his son. According to John, he had caught a glimpse of a spinning bright, white object over his head. The UFO is shown moving from one chemtrail to the other, slowly diminishing in size.

One commenter suggested that this type of object was frequently observed elsewhere across the US, Mexico, and England. They said the craft was cylinder-shaped and approximately 200 feet long.

John said the object was around the same size as a bus and it was hovering low over the highway around 200 feet. He explained that the UFO was right above them, they drove directly under it and it had two big lights that were facing forwards while the object in question was moving.

John said that they could not hear anything from the object, unlike a plane that would have been incredibly loud even from the inside of a car.

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  1. Hey, for the camera dude, man you need to get yourself some pointers on how to use that camera, phone, or whatever you were using. You had it zoomed in all the way, but you didn’t have the object in view, then when you did get the object in view, you didn’t zoom in on it. I’m sorry if you’re offended man, but wow, really.

  2. My son filmed a similar object last night 1/30/2020 around 7:00pm. Low in the east sky. It had 4 triangular lights. We live in Peabody MA. It was a lot closer and details of the lights were seen.

    • thought it may be a helicopter but the more i watched it, it was very unusual it has to be an ufo and what is it doing around the chemotrail?, observing or doing something to us??, whoever took that should have it investigated (send it to MUFON)

  3. I remember my first ufo sighting it was not compared to my second UFO experience. I will never forget lights and power. It’ll be a great one of those stories I have.

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