VIDEO: UFO Orbs flying above Marcy, New York 12-Jan-2020

New 2020 UFO sighting recorded over Marcy, New York. This event happened on 12th January 2020 and it was just submitted to MUFON.

Witness report: 4 orbs on captured on video. They are not balloons they would stop & change direction.

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    • I don’t think they are seagulls so here are a few points:
      At the very beginning (4secs – 8secs) we see an object accelerate very fast to upwards left and then just stop abruptly. Surely too fast for a bird from a ‘standing’ star and then, how did it stop on a sixpence?
      In the rest of the film, the objects move randomly and not like seagulls which circle or hover on wind currents.
      And lastly, those must be the most light-reflective seagulls ever seen. They all maintained a bright glow during their aerial antics.
      Conclusion: I think they were aliens expressing joy.
      However, it is suspicious that the film taker made no comment.

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