MUST SEE: UFOs/Orbs over Oiapoque, Brazil 20-Apr-2020

This amazing UFO footage of a multiple unidentified flying objects orbs was filmed over Oiapoque, a municipality in the north of the state of Amapá, Brazil. This happened on 20th April 2020 and it was submitted to MUFON today.

Witness report: first a light appeared on the horizon that looked like a sun from that light, another one appeared and then another 3 in total, they disappeared and appeared in another place, seeming to be more but there were 3

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  1. Is it not obvious those are hydrogen warheads in a controlled burn off? Who has such technical abilities other than extraterrestrials to burn them off so easily? Are we recognizing we are seeing the hand of God who has His diligent and vigilant Martian angels sparing us from thermonuclear blast war? Can we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet kind Father for sparing us here?

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