Strange Lights Making A Change In Formation Spark UFO Speculations

Interesting footage shows a series of mysterious bright lights hovering over Texas, triggering fears of a possible extraterrestrial vehicle.

The glowing lights were observed changing formation in the dark sky above three different counties across an 80-mile radius.

UFO enthusiasts in Dallas and neighboring areas butted in with sightings after a video of the unusual activity over in the south of Duncanville’s city was shared online.

Dozens of witnesses came forward saying they had multiple sightings from different sites, and many were convinced visiting aliens caused the lights.

Javier Estrada III, the retail manager who recorded the video, said they encountered the strange lights when they were visiting for their grandma’s birthday and looked up by chance. What they saw mesmerized them.

The witness said that they noticed glowing lights hovering very slow, and that’s when they knew it was something strange.

The witness does believe in aliens, so the first thing that came to their mind was a UFO. As soon as the witness saw it, they were starstruck as it appeared so real.

According to the witness, they wouldn’t mind having extraterrestrials come to visit but knowing the USA, the armed forces will probably attack these aliens first.

In Javier’s clip, four lights can be seen in the clear night sky, changing formation from a kite-like to a square one before drifting apart and disappear without a trace.

Two more lights then become visible before the footage ends.

Sightings were reported from eight different areas in and around the city. Many witnesses came from the south describing the lights as a straight light formation.

There were also reports from witnesses in Allen, to the northern area of the city, and Granbury, to the southwest, separated by a distance of almost 2-hour drive.

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  1. Why is it that the site or appearance of a possible extraterrestrial vehicle , aircraft/s , UFOs , USOs , trigger or cause FEAR? Yes, this maybe an UNKNOWN , but why the FEAR? Why not interest with vigilance , or something along this manner of reaction to these realities. Any thoughts? Because this narrative of fear , of panic, apprehension are an element of mind control and social engineering that is pumped by CRIMINALLY CORRUPT governments, the msm , Foundations , think tanks and NGOs as well as by other nefarious entities. I being an American , a Human being and an individual existing and contributing within the collective Human Consciousness as well as the Greater Universal Consciousness , and I will not accept nor allow these mind control and social engineering PSY-OPS to pervade and pollute all aspects of life and existence in my community , my Nation , my planet Earth. I FIGHT the GOOD FIGHT and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP , NEVER!

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