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Richard Hoffman: UFO Investigation in 5 Decades

June 29, 2016 // 0 Comments

An Unidentified Flying Object is any anomaly hovering in the sky that is not readily identifiable to the naked eye. Unidentified Flying Objects has always been a debatable subject to people of different ages. Its broad topic and difficult to investigate in nature make the process unresolved for a longer […]

The Ohio UFO Pursuit

June 28, 2016 // 1 Comment

Police officers had experienced one of the fascinating encounters with an alleged structured, low- level UFO in the early morning of April 17, 1966. Portage County, Ohio officers at Sheriff’s Department first noticed the strange object rising from near ground level with bright light. The sergeant ordered a chase of […]

Mass UFO Sighting In The Steelers-Cowboys Game

June 27, 2016 // 2 Comments

Steelers and Cowboys offered a lot of memorable plays on the field during their matchups in the 1970s, but something took place in the sky that occupied all the headlines in 1979. The Steelers had won the game against the visiting Cowboys in Week 9 of the regular season in […]

Argentina UFO: Is It a ‘Pleiadian’ or Nordic Alien Base?

June 27, 2016 // 3 Comments

Humans live believing that they are the only ones that exist on earth, which is why the alleged existence of aliens has long been a debatable topic. Nordic or Pleiadians aliens refer to the alien race, which are extraterrestrial humanoid creatures from the cluster of stars. Recently, paranormal researchers have […]

The 1964’s Bizarre UFO Landing Story

June 26, 2016 // 1 Comment

If the Roswell incident had become so widespread, flying saucer might be so common in our language, experiences and novels, television programming, and films. How common is it for people to see a UFO? On April 24, 1964, at about ten a.m., Gary Wilcox was out on his 300-acre farm […]

Pyramid Made By a Mexican Farmer Was an Order from Alien

June 26, 2016 // 2 Comments

Whether you believe in them or not, there have been too many sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects, Flying Saucers, or whatever you wish them to be like, that have been ignored. Among the most common stories were the spotted strange shaped object hovering in the sky, with or without bright […]

MUFON Symposium: The Travis Walton Story

June 24, 2016 // 4 Comments

Travis Walton was abducted by Aliens on November 5, 1975, while working with a logging crew, and remained missing for five days. The Walton case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known instances of alien abduction in history. UFO historians agree, few abduction reports have generated as much […]

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