UFO activity spotted over Altoona, Pa

Latest UFO sightings – Several UFO’s encounter a large glowing UFO over Altoona, Pennsylvania on Monday, 19th April 2010.

LUS 2010, most recent UFO sighting reports and evidences. Real UFOs on net. from North America. Words goverments aliens conspiracy theories forum debate about 2012.

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  1. I know there are alien ships both large and small that are around us all the time. A friend and I once saw one in broad daylight so there is no doubt in my mind. However, the lights in a night sky could be anything; ball lightning, gas vapors, kites with a flashlight or strobelight attached, etc. Or it could be the aliens playing games like we do with our cat or dog by shining a light on the wall

  2. Wow, that is an amazing video! I live in Altoona, I know exactly where that's at, and that's definitely nothing I've ever seen in our skies before!

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