UFO activity over Ontario, Canada

Latest UFO sightings – UFO activity recorded in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada on Thursday, 6th May 2010.

May 6th 2010 UFO Above Cornwall, ON – Raw Video
I Just went out for a smoke, i live on 245 Yates Ave. in a big project. As i went for my smoke, it was 9pm. Looked towards my right towards the cornwall Bridge heading to the USA, i saw this huge bright light. i always look at the stars when im having my smoke at night, but this one was retarded huge. there was no blinking lights when i first saw it. so i told my wife to get the camera, she took to long so i ran in the apt, grabbed my binoculars, came outside and i couldnt see anything. Then a blinking red light appeared. when i got the camera turned on it’s bright light came back on. just amazing. i recorded what i could. I would have more recorded but i had a combat arms clan tournament to attend to. Wish i bailed it now. that UFO was absolutely amazing. while the map was loading in combat arms i went afk a few times and the ufo was moving right and left numerous times. when i first saw it towards the cornwall bridge,it then moved over to the old paper mill then back towards the bridge then headed to the east side of cornwall. soon after it got to the east side of cornwall 2 more ufo’s appeared but i couldnt record it since i had a combat arms tournament to attend to, When i see another ufo in cornwall, i’ll ditch whatever im doing and record it. 
Author: David G.
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net
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  1. I saw two of them flying together over Cornwall in formation on Monday, May 27 at approx. 11:00PM. <br /><br />They were flying together, then separated and joined again. We watched them for about 1 minute, until we couldn&#39;t see them anymore. It was a light bigger than a star or satellite, but flew quicker and together. No sounds.<br /><br />

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