Unknown lights over Santa Catarina, Brazil 11-Jun-2011

UFO 2011 – New footage of unknown lights above Spa Gull in Santa Catarina, Brazil. This was recorded on Saturday, 11th June 2011 at 5:49 pm.
Witness report: Hometown Spa Gull, a city in Santa Catarina State, Brazil. The object was shot at 17:49 on Saturday, June 11. Upon sighting were no witnesses. There Seagull many sightings in Balneario, Brazil. Excuse my English, was the google translator who translated for me. The object appeared to be flying over the sea towards the mountains, q hen he begins to fall between trees.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Another place reporting UFOs like all over. We're 20 miles from Murrysville, PA where that lady posting videos showing the same as this was hacked and harassed for claiming UFO are mimicking aircraft lights. We've seen them since 2008. You can't understand from a video until you have in person. The lights are strange in person. They don't flash right all the time and

  2. lmao, he keeps saying, ta parado…its stopped (hovering) as it slowly descends. The old lady trys to talk some sense into him, saying its going behind the trees, so he finally admits its descending but then says there are no runways over there. Woman thinks its a helicopter. <br />looks like a plane to me<br /><br />Calma ai velha, love it

  3. Catarina idiota do caralho! Tá na cara que é um avião! Cagado de merda! Devia estar chapado de cachaça filho duma puta…

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