UFOs and Aliens with Stanton Friedman

Noted nuclear scientist Stanton Friedman makes a convincing case to skeptics that Earth has been visited by intelligent, alien life. Possibly the foremost authority on the Roswell incident, he blasts his critics, and reiterates his long-held theory that the Roswell close encounter represents the crash of two UFOs, not just one. While the governments of the world continue their deception and coverup, more evidence of the truth is revealed each day. Both believers and doubters will find Friedman’s arguments compelling.

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  1. Mr. Friedman should stop trying to provide a convincing case to skeptics and better spend his time with the question of "what is their agenda." There is so much evidence of their existence, the only naysayers left are those who are trying to keep the truth from coming out or those in complete denial. Time spent convincing people is time not spent on figuring out their intent and the

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