Underground Alien Base In Dulce, New Mexico

dulce base

When talking about alien related stories, Dulce Papers have it all including greys, reptilians, alien/human hybrids, abductions, cattle mutilations, mind manipulation experiments, cover-ups, murder and underground alien bases.

The story of Dulce is centered on Thomas Costello or Castello in some sources. Dulce Papers talk much about Castello but apparently they are rarely seen, or not seen at all. These papers are allegedly talking about a joint Alien/US Government underground facility found beneath Dulce New Mexico. Included in the papers are black and white illustrations of scenes apparently witnessed by Castello.

Rumors spread that there are 25 images in the papers but only 5 can be found online as the original file is said to be lost. There are many YouTube videos online claiming to show aliens at Dulce Base. While Thomas Castello is the center of this entire story, he is a deep throat himself because no one has ever met him, communicated or interviewed him directly. At least no one can prove to have talk or met him in flesh, it has been always through an intermediary.

It is said that the underground bunker has different sections including the entrance of the UFO, elevator, security and communications, human staff housing, execs and labs, alien housing, genetic experiments and cryogenic storage. It is also revealed that there is an underground shuttle to Los Alamos.

UFO Hunters: Underground Bases

Aliens in Dulce, New Mexico?

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14 Comments on Underground Alien Base In Dulce, New Mexico

  1. Mike Parkes // April 17, 2014 at 6:30 pm // Reply

    What is the movie playing in the background on either side behind Ben in this video?

  2. Got any Slack Jaw Nephillim fellas down there standing 15 ft. tall and slobbering profusely ?

  3. The Double Dulce…. wasn't that in Road House…keep your eyes on the road and your hand up on the wheel…..

  4. This Dulce stuff is BS. If there was a Dulce base it would have been found by now.

  5. I see an alien face in my beer foam, does this count as a close encounter?

  6. Dulce. That's a dried seaweed snack, not a UFO base.

    • Phuck all you losers. Think you know dulce, ever been there and not just looked it up on the web. Like actually touched the soil there. No!!! So don’t talk like you know what’s there and whats NOT there. Dumb azzes

  7. Why don't the human staff and aliens simply bunk together? Does our primitive snoring bother them? Do aliens fart? Do telepathic aliens have personal or shared dreams? Would the dreams of telepathic aliens affect a human's sleep adversely, or perversely??

  8. How does one get to be picked to be one of the humans in this Base?

  9. wish I worked there

  10. Need to go east of Dulce about 35 miles to Chaco Canyon, spend the night, then see how you feel about Aliens?

  11. Go about 35 miles east of Dulce to Chaco Canyon and camp overnight then see how you feel about aliens?

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