Alien Chasers Spot Alien Moon Base

alien base

Conspiracy theory about the existence of extraterrestrial life on the moon won’t go away as many still believe government agencies are hiding the truth.

A keen UFO spotter claims that the latest discovery of a dark shape on Google Moon is another evidence on the existence of an alien base on the Moon. Google Moon is a software that allows anyone to explore the moon through a photographic map of the Moon’s equatorial region.

Avid UFO enthusiast Scott Waring posted a footage online showing a dark shape in which he considers a pretty amazing find. He believes that it is an alien Moon base, which can be found in coordinates 19°43’02.81”N 20°30’52.97”E.

Waring pointed out the eight right angles on the back side alone. He also speculated that there’s a big cavity underneath the structure and walled area because of the darkness around the edges.

Earlier in 2014, a video apparently showing another lunar object sparked speculation on the existence of extraterrestrial life on the Moon. The video reportedly shows a capture of wedge-shaped craft with bright lights in V formation inside a little crater on the far side of the moon. The discovery was made possible using Google Moon. The exact location of the discovery is at the edge of Mare Moscoviense, 2°34’E 22°42’N.

Google Earth can also be used to look for the images which are credited by Google to Japanese space agency JAXA through its Kaguya spacecraft that’s responsible for taking the photo. The images can be spotted in a small corner of a high-resolution photo. However, there are dozens of such object in a wider view of similar image.

Experts from Arizona State University said that they are likely artifacts from the digital photography software.

Several resolution image tiles are stored in Google and these tiles are used depending on how much a user zoomed in. Tiles in high resolution have filters to make them look shaper and according to experts, these sharpening filters can make distortions where dark and light regions meet. They can also create light or object appearances which usually mistaken as alien bases on the Moon.

However, this explanation doesn’t stop the fascination or speculation with these images about a possible Moon base of aliens. The video of an object with V-lights has drawn over 1.4 million viewers and gained national news coverage.

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  1. Some say the moon is an spaceship orbiting around earth to watch us evolve, could be awesome, maybe the reason why NASA lost interest in the moon… I’m just conspiring here..
    There Is a video of Nasa Ufo sightings of this year, a ship was just outside the dark side of the moon. Live footage was cut pretty quick. Youtube

  2. Say now it ain’t necessarily a base, could be a venue site for pink floyd…. and it ain’t necessarily alien, could be the mexicans put it there legally… it just don’t pay to jump to conclusions… do it ?

  3. I’m not so sure this is a structure, on Google, whenever you zoom in on something, it loses resolution so you get pixilation and everything looks squared off, that could be what’s going on here.

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